Saturday, 29 August 2009

This little bear was stitched for a forum friend to use for a quilt for love quilts.

The logo stitching has been going well. I now have 36 in progress! These will be stitched in the bottom corner of all the blankets that I put together for the group.

I knit these two blankets
a while ago. They are the first and second ones that I knit.
These 3 little blankets are knit using a lovely soft "short" eyelash wool. They are little blankets for a newborn baby.

This is one of the blankets that I knit for Aunty Jane. It's made from striped squares, pink & white, peach & white, lemon & white, mint & white, blue & white and lilac & white. I had fun knitting the squares for this one.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Augusts work.

Hi all, still busy with my charity work. I'm currently stitching 21 little logos for the blankets. I've taken pics of the blankets so far but not had time to upload them from the camera. Hope to do so over the weekend.